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Know the Sources of Good Fats for Weight Loss

Today we’re talking about three sources of good fats and weight loss. The reason why fat is important is that it’s one of the culprits of weight gain.

A lot of times, you’re stuck in your weight. You’re having a hard time losing and you’re doing everything possible. The fats you eat is one of the culprits. This is because people are still very, very afraid of fat, that fat is going to make you fat. But, fat is what helps all the hormones working in the body. So if you’re doing a low-fat diet, you’re going have an even harder time losing because then there goes what? The thyroid. We all need the thyroid working the right way to lose weight. So on top of this, though, it’s how you feel.
Good Fats for Weight Loss

Good Fats for Weight Loss Throughout the Day

When you’re adding little bits of fat throughout the day, you are sustaining your energy. If you start your day off with a carbohydrate, what are you going to do? You’re going to crash. And within an hour, I mean, that’s as long as carbs are in your system and can sustain you. Number three, you need to be full. Being satiated is feeling full and feeling good after you eat, right? So if you don’t have fats in there it’s going to last you an hour or two, and boom! You’re hungry again.

Instead, you can get at least four to five hours of feeling full if you start your day with a protein and a fat. Crazy right? So what kinds of fats? We’re talking avocado oil, we’re talking olive oil, coconut oil. You can buy oils but what kind, right? You need to make sure that it’s the right types of oils.

Good Fats for Weight Loss in the Morning

An organic oil is an obvious option. You don’t want any fillers in there. Do not buy canola oil. Canola oil does not have the benefits that these three have. Another good one is MCT oil, which we use a lot in our house. We actually put it in our protein shakes in the morning. What I’m trying to say is don’t start your day with a carb. Start your day with a fat and a protein.

Your body does not need sugar in the morning. It does not. It will not make you feel good, okay? When the carbs need to happen, it’s at night with your dinner. It also makes sense to have a little bit before you go to bed and you’ll sleep like a baby. I’m telling you. I actually tried this in my family as well. My kids do this. We make little treats with coconut oil. So it’s important that the kids also are getting the proper nutrients and the proper fats.

Stay Away From Bad Fats When Eating Out

Now, going back to when you eat out. When you eat out they’re cooking with canola oil, hydrogenated oils. These have no benefit and actually cause many ailments within the body. So please don’t send your kids through the drive-thru. If you’re not doing it for yourself, don’t do it for the kids, too.

That was my take on the three sources of good fat.

Jen Fisher

Jen is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and NESTA certified personal trainer. Her goal is to help others love themselves. She believes the story we tell ourselves in our minds holds us back. For example, for many years she told herself she wasn’t smart enough to make it through school to be a nutritionist. She thought she couldn't do a fitness competition because she had kids (and no time). Our minds are powerful and Jen wants to help everyone break through that roadblock to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

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